Are cheap printers worth buying?

Over the years, the cost of printers has come down drastically. These days, you can easily get a decent quality inkjet printer for around $70 – $80. These printers may seem like a great deal, but you should do your research before picking up a cheap printer.

ink and tonerFirst and foremost, the quality of cheap printers can vary quite a bit, so it would be wise to check out a few online reviews before making a decision. Sites such as CNET have many expert reviews on popular printer models. You can also go to Amazon and read customer reviews of various printers.

Once you find a printer you like, the next step is to look into how much ink cartridges cost for that printer. This is important since many inexpensive printers will end up costing you more because the printer ink is so expensive. A reasonable price for inkjet cartridges is something between $15 – $30. If the printer ink for the printer you want costs more than this, I would stay away.

I prefer to buy my printers online, but you can also visit large stores like Walmart and Fry’s Electronics to purchase your printer. Don’t fall into the trap of buying extended warranties, as they are most often not worth the price you pay for them.

If you want to save money on ink, one good way to purchase them is to place bulk orders online. Stores such as Inkfarm offer highly discounted prices on ink, and carry ink for just about every model of printer that’s ever been made. Be sure to take advantage of the latest Inkfarm deals from to get the best deals possible.