Our Work

Pugly.com is a blog site that specializes in providing information that allows people to save money on online shopping. To help accomplish this goal, we provide the following things to our visitors:

Coupons: This includes things like online coupons, free trials, freebies, discounts, special promotions, and other things that allows customers to save money on purchases that they make on the Internet. The discounts that are provided include both products and services for things such as online dating, gaming services, e-cigarette companies, and more.

Reviews: Products reviews can really help consumers decide whether or not to purchase a given product or service. Such reviews are especially helpful for services, where returns are usually not possible. To the extent possible, we provide details and step-by-step details on what it is like to use a given product or service so consumers know exactly what it is that they are purchasing.

Free Trials: For online services, free trials are the best way to test drive a service and get a good idea of what a service is like before risking any of your money. We provide free trials for things like dating services and online games. We highly encourage our visitors to take advantage of such trials before signing up for any membership services.

News: In addition to the above items, we also provide updates and news about online shopping, shopping in general, and technologies that may assist people in becoming smarter shoppers.