Saving money on contacts: What works, and what doesn’t

contactlensesLet’s be honest about contact lens prices. They are much higher than the cost of wearing glasses. This in part depends on the type of contacts you wear. If you use daily disposables, you could be paying $400 or more per year just for your lenses. I wear a brand called Air Optix Night and Day myself, and pay about $200 in contact lenses each year. Contact lens solutions, drops, and cases probably cost me another $100 per year. And last but not least, users of contacts need to have eye exams twice as frequently as people who use eyeglasses. This means I need to have 1 exam per year, instead of every other year.

It’s natural for users of contact lenses to look for ways to save money. Here are some things I have learned.

1. Buy your contacts online to save money. My favorite online contact lens store is Why? Because after diligently checking prices at a half dozen other stores, I’ve learned that offers the lowest prices on almost all brands.

2. Do use coupons when you buy contact lenses. Not all stores offer online coupons, but does. Typical coupons will save you 10 – 15% on your order. However, you do need to meet minimum purchase amounts, so you should plan to buy a year’s worth of contact lenses at once. You can get a coupon here.

3. Do not buy cheap contact lens solution. I once bought a generic brand from Walmart. That was a mistake, as my eyes became red and irritated. This went away when I switched back to a brand name solution. I’ve been told that the generic solutions are the same as brand name solutions. However, my own experience would seem to indicate that this is definitely NOT the case. So if I were you, I’d definitely stick to the brand name solutions regardless of what you hear other people claim.