How to Deal with Gaming Costs

Being a gamer is one of the most exciting things you can be, but the unfortunate cost of gaming is that it can hurt your pocket book quite a bit. If you're addicted to games like I am, and purchase a couple new games each month, gaming can easily become a hobby that costs thousands of dollars each year. And keep in mind, that's just for the video game themselves. Most gamers invest in quite a few other things as well, such as a large TV screen, multiple consoles, etc.


The simplest way to bring down the cost of gaming is to start renting games instead of buying them. Sure, there's an appeal to actually owning a game, but is that appeal worth sixty dollars to you? More importantly, how many of the games you buy end up sitting on your shelf for years after you've only played it them for a couple weeks? To be sure, there are going to be times when you want to buy a game that is extra special to you, but in all other cases, renting is the smarter way to play games.

You can rent from kiosks like Redbox, or exchange games with friends or family members. This is a great option if you know a lot of like-minded gamers. But if that's not the case, the next best thing is to get a Gamefly subscription. By doing that, you will be able to rent as many games as you want monthly, all while paying a single montly membership due. Best of all, when you first join you get a free month of membership when you sign up using the Gamefly free trial offer that's available at the free trial website,

At the current time, Gamefly has over eight thousand games you can rent for multiple gaming platforms. More are begin added on a continuous basis, so you really should not run out of games to rent. They do a really good game of keeping the newest and most popular titles in stock. Where you might run into some difficulty is when you want to play a game that is lesser known but still in good demand.

But nobody said Gamefly is perfect. In light of all the money you can end up saving with a membership, the service is definitely worth getting.