A guide to mixing your own e-liquid

If you are an e-cigarette user, you probably save quite a bit of money compared to what you paid when you smoked regular ‘analog’ cigarettes. You main costs when you use e-cigarettes are batteries, cartridges, and e-liquid. Given that a fairly normal e-cig user may go through 1 or 2ml of liquid or more per day, it may be a good idea to consider mixing your own liquid.


When I first looked into making my own e-liquid, I was a bit hesitant, since it seemed a bit complex to me. However, once you have the right tools, it is really not that difficult. You basically just need two things:

1. Nicotine e-liquid: You can buy this from many different sources. I recommend getting Nicotine that is already premixed with PG or VG in the ratio you want to simplify matters. You shouldn’t have any problem finding Nicotine liquid in various strengths. Sometimes, you will only find e-liquid with a high amount of nicotine such as 36mg. In these cases, you will need to buy PG or VG so you can dilute the strength of the nicotine.

2. Flavoring: There are many different flavors you can use. Some are organic, while others have artificial flavors. My favorite store for buying e-cig flavoring is Ecigexpress  because they offer a great selection.

3. Sweetener: The best choices for sweetener are stevia or ethyl maltol.

After you have all your ingredients, you will need to figure out how much of each ingredient to mix. The best way to do this is by using an online calculator. It’s much easier than trying to figure out the right proportions to mix on your own. Typically, you just enter a few fields and the calculator will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient to add.

Once you mix your e-liquid, it is a good idea to let the liquid sit for a few days. This is called steeping, and it improves the flavor of the e-cigarette. Most likely, you will need to do some experimentation to find the flavor and amount of sweetening that appeals to your palate. The great thing about mixing your own liquid is that it allows you a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you tweak the flavors in your e-liquid.

For new e-cigarette users, I do not recommend mixing your own liquid. Instead, you should simply get a starter pack from a well known e-cig vendor such as Halo Cigs. A great way to save money on this brand is by using E-cigbargain's Halo Cigs Coupons. Once you've used e-cigs for a while, you can then proceed to mixing your own liquids. I really believe it's better to take things one step at a time, especially because there is enough of a learning curve when you first start out using e-cigs.