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What's in Your Drawer?

I don't know how she does it! Shawna dreamed up another fun theme, this time for Fridays. What's in Your Drawer?

Well, I've got a lot of drawers, but most of them are in various states of frightful disarray. But, I have a tidy few. Below is my well-organized sock drawer:

What's in Your Drawer?

What's in your drawer?

99 Cent Kicks

I bought from these from Wet Seal yesterday. I thought the sale was too good to be true when I first heard about it from a gym pal. Indeed, she was right: sequined wannabe Converse knock offs (last one in my size), knee highs, tights, and leggings, all for 99 cents each. It was kind of a no-brainer. Cute kicks for 99 cents? Hell yes! I bought everything for under $10. I wore the blue knee-highs today and I love them.

99 Cent Kicks

The following socks by Smartwool were not 99 cents. I bought them from Nordstrom Rack for about five bucks apiece. I've heard plenty of good things about Smartwool. I'm wearing them now -- very comfy and they look supremely cool. My husband told me that since they're made of wool, they will keep my feet warm, even when wet.

99 Cent Kicks

I Spied Argyle

I don't usually go around taking pictures of other people's feet. I swear, I don't. But I did it for the first time the other day. Her shoes and socks were practically begging to be photographed. I loved her tweed ensemble, too.

I Spy Argyle

Crush of the Day: Socks & Tights

Top Shop Socks

What's not to love?

{ Photo from Top Shop. }

Fashion Spawned a Munster

Two of my favorites from last season: Chloé Fall 2008 and The Cherry Blossom Girl. Both got pretty intimate and spawned a Flower Power Munster.

Fashion Spawned a Monster
Fashion Spawned a Monster

What I wore:
Shoes by Sugar
Wild Garden Tights by Look from London