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Pookie by Miz Mooz

Pookie by Miz Mooz

Alright, ladies. If your heart skipped a beat at the sight of Babs by Miz Mooz, take a look at Pookie. Is your heart fluttering? Adorable, isn't it?

They're also on SALE at Infinity Shoes. The advantage to buying them at Infinity Shoes is that, in addition to black, brown, and red, they also sell Pookie in a lovely shade of green.

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Boomerang by Rocket Dog

Inspired by Gwenelle's review of Rocket Dog's Boomerang, I felt compelled to get a pair. Her review was the nudge I needed to finally buy them. I've been eyeing them on Solestruck for a long time. Here's Solestruck's official description:

Plaid flat with broad elastic strap.

Good looks never truly go out of style, just like the plentiful plaid of the Rocket Dog Boomerang. Its colorful woven print is coordinated with a matching trim and broad instep strap, then balanced by a sturdy rubber bumper and sole. Padded footbed. Fabric upper. Rubber outsole.

A Rocket Dog original. Women's shoe. Imported.

So I finally bought them last night. With free Fedex shipping, my Boomerangs should arrive by the end of the week. I have no doubt that Boomerang will be just as comfy as Joint. They're on SALE, too.

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Thrifted Gazith

Thrifted Gazith!

Do these shoes look familiar? They should. I posted about shoes just like these last week in an entry entitled Miz Mooz. The last I checked on Ebay, the shoes were going for $15.50. Well, I found this pair at the Salvation Army for $3.00. Pretty cool, huh? It's a decent pair, too, and hardly used from the looks of it.

Thrifted Gazith!

Okay, the shoes weren't quite the right size for me -- they were 2 sizes larger than what I normally wear -- a 41. But, I figured that heel liners would make them a perfect fit. So I picked up a pack of heel liners from Walgreens on my way home. It's perfect now and quite comfy, too.

Thrifted Gazith!

In case you're wondering about the label, Gazith is Avi Wiener, the creative designer of "Miz Mooz by Gazith".

Thrifted Gazith!

The buckle is secure. A retainer loop is unnecessary, after all.

Thrifted Gazith! Thrifted Gazith!

Miz Mooz

Babs by Miz Mooz

I wish I could say that those feet are mine -- they're not. They belong to Ertipie and those are her shoes, which I've been coveting for a while now. It all started after reading this post from An Examined Life. Apparently, the shoes were sold at Infinity Shoes.

The black mary janes worn by Ertipie are called "Babs" by Miz Mooz. I've scoured the Internet for a pair, to no avail. I even sent an email to Miz Mooz inquiring about Babs. I received this response:

Thanks for writing us! We love hearing from our customers. We are sorry that you are having a hard time locating our shoe “Babs”. It was a style from this past fall season and Infinity Shoes were the only ones to carry them. Currently, they are all sold out. But no worries! Be on the look out for similar styles coming out this fall.

Similar styles, eh? Very promising... In the mean time, I'm looking to Ebay. Though I haven't found Babs second hand, I saw this cute pair, also by Miz Mooz:

Miz Mooz on Ebay

I was tempted to place a bid. But, though the description says that the shoes are in great condition, the retainer loop for the strap appears to be missing.

I look forward to the Miz Mooz's Fall 2008 lineup.

Moop Outfit → Cute Outfit

I was mooping around (followed an ad link from Modish). This picture is noteworthy, not for the bag, per se, but for the model's outfit. Everything about it is adorable and the fall colors resonate with me. I especially like the skirt, the footless tights and the shoes. Are those the Sienna Ballerinas by Keen ?