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Crush of the Day: Socks & Tights

Top Shop Socks

What's not to love?

{ Photo from Top Shop. }

Crush of the Day: Long Hair

This is it. I'm going to grow my hair and I want it to look just like this, but in black.

{ Photo by Katherine Squier. }

More Retro Telephones

My love for cute and impractical things never ceases to amaze me. I own a modern, easy to use, touch tone telephone and yet my mind is stuck on rotary. Go figure. Anyway, I saw these two on eBay for about ten bucks a pop. Either of these would look fantastic on my desk.

Look, Maria -- more green. :)

Green retro telephone
Red retro telephone

Crush of the Day: Roadside Photographs

Photographer → Jen Zahigian
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Crush of the Day: Cachemire & Soie

The French have the most beautiful blogs. Cachemire & Soie is one of them. The entire blog is written in French, so unfortunately, I can't read any of the posts. Nevertheless, there are a ton of exceptional photos, with plenty of eye candy all around.

ETA: Reading the site in English is possible, after all. There is a convenient link on site to Google Translator.

{ Photo from Cachemire & Soie. }