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Polaroid Friday @ Retro Plants

My Flickr photostream is today's Polaroid Friday feature on Retro Plants. How cool is that?!? Thanks for the spotlight, Karli!

Notebook Doodles

Notebook Doodles has become one of my favorite blogs overnight. I learned about it while poking around Lykke's adorable blog, Poke the Panda. Notebook Doodles is an online journal -- a diary, perhaps -- of a girl who expresses herself through doodling. Though Notebook Doodles is filled with cute drawings and scribbles, it is not lacking in wisdom. In fact, I've found inspiring quotes and affirmations in her posts. And the signature inscriptions in all the doodles? That's not a font -- it's her awesome handwriting.

Notebook Doodles
Notebook Doodles
Notebook Doodles
Notebook Doodles
Notebook Doodles
High five to this, sista.
Notebook Doodles
Isn't this the cutest Christmas wishlist you've ever seen?
{ All images owned by Notebook Doodles. }

Link Love


So many links, so little time...

  1. Seriously, why are mustaches all the rage? I don't get it. More mustaches here, here, and here.
  2. A Picture an Hour by The Clothes Horse. I love these posts.
  3. Young wears it well all the time.
  4. Added these beautiful blogs to Bloglovin': Freckled Nest, Smile & Wave,, and Dottie Angel, Thompson Family Life, and Retro Plants.
  5. I can't wait to give these a try:
    I've never seen prettier pumpkins. Fabric pumpkin tutorial by goddess, Danielle Thompson.
    Cute and practical, clothes pin refrigerator magnets via I-Zilla the Terrible.
    Pom-pom flowers via Domestifluff. I had no idea these were so simple to make! Time consuming, perhaps, but simple none-the-less. Pretty pom-poms at work here and here.
    Prize ribbons via 100 Layer Cake.
    Frayed rosettes via Thirty Wedding.

Music Mondays @ UO

I’ve been listening to the same music over and over again for the last couple of weeks. As much as I enjoy my current rotation (Amelie soundtrack, Wizard of Oz soundtrack, Louis Prima, and Django Reinhardt), it's getting a little old, so I'm open to change.

Did you know about UO's Music Mondays? Well, every Monday, UO has five fresh songs available for listening or download. I didn’t think I would enjoy these tunes very much, but I really liked them, especially the first two, which are reminiscent of Arcade Fire. You can sample them now by hitting the play button below. Hooray for good (and free) music!

On a different note, I want to give you a heads up about my schedule: due to my involvement in some fun projects, my posts will be fairly sporadic for the next few weeks. Regular posting will commence soon enough, though.

FYI: I will host yet another very random and short-lived Just Because Giveaway some time next week. No Lula this time, but I promise that it'll be prize-worthy.

{ some like it white }

Creature Comforts Blog Makeover

One of my favorite style blogs of all time, Creature Comforts, just got a fabulous new look. The last time I felt excited about a blog's transformation was after Decor8's move to Wordpress, resulting in a rigorous style overhaul. Puglyfeet Creature Comforts.

Creature Comforts Blog