Wardrobe Remix: 12/18/09

I had every intention of posting this last night, but I came home from work later than usual. This is what I wore yesterday. I know my pose looks weird, but don't worry -- I didn't parade around town with my pants hoisted like this. I just want to you to see my Doc Marten wing tips. Bulky as they are, I love them. They're really comfy.

Wardrobe Remix

I also wore these rose resin earrings from Betsey Johnson.

Wardrobe Remix

What I wore:

  • jacket – Anthropologie
  • top – Spense
  • sweater – Style & Co.
  • shoes – Dr. Martens
  • rose/skull socks - K. Bell
  • earrings – Betsey Johnson
  • lipstick – Indian Red, Nars

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weird pose or not, you look lovely! that jacket and shoes are to die for. p.s. - i ALWAYS walk around town with my pants looking like that!





I love your Docs! The whole outfit looks great.

Camelia Crinolinehttp://www.cameliasandcrinolines.blogspot.com/

your earings are adorable they remind me of a pair I got from 1928(the jewelry company that is).

sherry curtis

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