Wardrobe Remix: 12/12/09

Today was wonderful despite the rain. I managed to run several errands in the morning, including trips to Trader Joe's, Michael's and Target. I also stopped by the post office and picked up my mail. Lo and behold, my prize arrived!! Last week I won a fantastic giveaway from Rachie's Place (she's also my wonderful new sponsor!). I'm itching to open the package right now, but I'm going to control myself. Stay tuned later this week for the unboxing. :)

Okay, so this is what I wore today and I'm aware that I committed a fashion faux pas. But I really wanted to wear this dress and I didn't want to freeze my ass off. Hence, the pants under the dress. Anyhow, I kinda like it and will wear this ensemble again some time soon -- whether it's right or wrong.

Hope you're all having a wonderful and dry weekend!

Wardrobe Remix
Wardrobe Remix
Wardrobe Remix

What I wore:

  • dress - Anna Sui for Target
  • jeans – JCrew
  • shoes – Camper
  • lipstick – Wine Not Matte Lipstick by Revlon

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i don't care what anyone says, i love your jeans under your dress! ;)

lori : (aka: marzi)http://www.paisleywallpaper.blogspot.com

I love that Anna Sui dress so much! I think that since it's above knee length, it simply functions as a tunic in this outfit, so in my opinion, it's just fine.


That is a really cute picture of you and your doggies! xo


You've mentioned the Revlon Wine Not lipstick a couple of times, but it was only today, walking past a Revlon stand, that I realised it's not a product name designed to reduce whining. Heh.

In more relevant news, it's really pretty :)

Betty Scandrettihttp://bettyscandretti.com

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