Noteworthy: Bonne Annee Postcards

Bonne Annee Postcards

I want to show you these Bonne Annee postcards. I bought them from Timeless Treasures about a year ago. I had every intention of devoting a blog post to these exquisite little gems, but alas, life got in the way and I forgot about them. That is, until our morning dog walk yesterday.

Bonne Annee Postcards

Chico, our alpha Pomeranian, gets easily bored with our walks around the neighborhood, so I occasionally drive to new places to lift his spirits. This strategy works most of the time until he gets bored... but, that's another story.

Bonne Annee Postcards

While walking through this fresh new neighborhood, I came upon a darling little house for sale. It resembled the little French cottage in one of my Bonne Annee postcards: the same charming roof, the same color, the same provincial style. Although tyrannical Chico insisted that we move on, instructing me with his faint growls, we lingered.

Bonne Annee Postcards

The windows were bare of curtains so I could peer in to see bay windows in the dining room, an inviting hearth in the living room, and newly finished hardwood floors throughout. In a small quaint side room, which I fell deeply in love with, I saw walls covered with a very old and faded floral wallpaper. It was a sight that made me slightly giddy with the hope of someday sitting in a room of my own just like that.

Bonne Annee Postcards

These postcards make me think of that old house and how it made my heart sing.

Bonne Annee Postcards

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those post cards are exquisite. here's to getting that room one day.



What lovely postcards and how nice that they can act as a reminder of something you hope to have someday! My paintings are usually reflections of things I want to have or achieve, and somehow painting them is kind of comforting and makes me feel like I already have them in some way.

Amanda Atkins

Those are some beautiful looking postcards.


Someone as wonderful as you WILL sit in a room like that (of your very own) one day. I just know it.

Fritzi Marie

p.s. The postcards are true treasures. Frameworthy for sure.

Fritzi Marie

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