Style Muse: Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson, aka Jek in the Box, is my Flickr pal. Her photos capture joyful moments -- they are bright, colorful, creative and full of sass. She has a fun, quirky style, a winning smile, and her feet are incredibly funky. I ADORE her.

I also want to add that she writes an awesome blog. Scrumdillydilly was featured in the Summer 2008 issue of Artful Blogging.

How old are you and where are you from?
At 38, I'm pushing the big 4-0. (i just like saying that) But yes, I am 38 years old and am a California girl. I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (yes, home of THE valley girl) and now live in the Los Feliz village where I dreamed of living when I was in high school.
How did you develop your love for style? Any early influences?
My earliest style influence was Lucille Ball. I was obsessed with I Love Lucy, especially her clothes. When I was five years old I remember the t.v. repairman coming to fix our television. I thought he was taking it away and was very upset. When my mom told me he was only fixing it so the color worked, the first thing I said was "Oh good! Now I get to see what color Lucy's dresses are!" Which of course never happened but you now know where my heart was at five. Also, I grew up watching old musicals and Gidget so I have been steeped in the stuff. It wasn't until high school and the discovery of Slaves of New York that my style really evolved. I'm still totally an Eleanor, hats and all.
How did you come up with your blog name and what compelled you to start blogging?
I always meant to keep a journal or diary. My first one was named Lissie and it took me ten years to fill the pages because I was never consistent. I started blogging out of boredom and sadness. I worked as a receptionist with a lot of downtime. They gave me a computer and permission to play Diamond Mines and I stumbled across a few blogs and decided to start one. My first blog was at Diaryland then I went to LJ and then blogspot.

I like to put merriment out into the world and scrumdillydilly was a bit of frolicking merriment. I had been a nanny for years and was often teased of being a Mary Poppins. Dancing with that idea and my love of Willy Wonka and a dash of Burl Ives and you get scrumdillydilly. I didn't know until after I started the blog that in rugby, a scrum is a play that involves many players, and dilly means something is extraordinary. I like to think it works...a whole lotta color and ideas.
Which top 5 blogs do you visit every single day?
  1. flickr (I know, not a blog but it is so very close to a blog and my contacts are simply amazing and I check flickr multiple times a day!)
  2. the adventures of ander and zaza
  3. findermaker
  4. resurrection fern
  5. design is mine
Do you use a PC or a Mac? Which would you rather have?
I use a mac. I like mac.
Which blog platform do you use and how do you like it? Given a chance to upgrade, which platform would you move to?
I am a computer dunce, complete and total dunce. I use blogspot and it works pretty well for me. I would like to do more formatting only I couldn't tell you what kind and I would like my blog to be pretty but have no idea how to make it happen. See? Dunce! I've been thinking about wordpress or typepad, are they the same? Like I said, dunce!
Your photographs are beautiful. Can you share any words of wisdom for avid photographers?
gosh, thank you! your blog is beautiful and your style makes me very happy! I'm not sure I have any words of wisdom other than to take pictures every day. Carry your camera around so often that when you don;t have it in hand you feel like something is missing. The coolest, bestest thing about digital photography is that you can takes oodles upon oodles of pictures and delete the ones that don't work. Eventually, you will see a pattern to the pics you do love and you will start taking pictures in that style. You don't need a fancy camera to take pictures that you love. There are three kinds of good photographers out there, the kind that know all the bells and whistles and can speak the language of light. They are technical geniuses and produce the most stunning shots. Then there are those who can stage and set up amazing scenes of magic and whimsy and then there are those like me who keep their eyes open to capture the world around them just as it is. Sometimes the colors shine and sometimes there is beauty in the ugly.
What's on your to-do list today?
You caught me on a lazy Sunday woth family visiting so today we are going to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to check out the Pompei and Your Bright Future shows. I've already seen them both but the happy happy installation makes for some awesome picture taking! After that we will mosey on back home to putter about the tiny casa. I will hit the couch and read a book, pet the cat, dance with the mister and make dinner with whatever is left in the fridge. And of course, I will be taking pictures the entire time.
In one of those rare perfect moments, what are you doing?
There are rare and perfect moments? I suppose they show up in all shapes and sizes but usually when I take a break from the moment to think how lovely it all is I am usually in the company of those I love and adore.
When your life is made into a movie, what song will be playing during the opening credits? What song will be playing during the closing credits?
Why is this question so difficult? I suppose it would depend on when in my life the flick begins. Erk!

Hopscotch by Lullabye Baxter Trio

Love is You by Redd Kross

More Jessica:

{ All images of Jessica owned by Jessica Wilson. }

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Hooray for Jek! She has been a long-time (longer than I've been on Flickr) style idol o' mine and I was so happy to get such a special peek further through your interview.


Aw, I've been a Jek fan since my earliest days on Flickr. In fact, I was just browsing her outfit sets to get some inspiration - I'm really trying to get out of my black-clothing rut, and Jek is clearly the antithesis of that! What a cutie.

chez shoes

Oh, wonderful!! I love meeting new bloggers!! Wow, she's totally inspiring and I adore her sassy spirit! I'm having total specs envy!!!


she is delightful, a modern day eccentric (which is an amazingly good thing!). i'm heading straight over to her flickr!


Yay JEK! Jessica's photos caught my eye when I first joined flickr about two and a half years ago! I agree that she has great style. She lives in full color!


I'm a big fan of Jek! Great interview!

Nikki/WhiMSy love

This was the perfect entry for the perfect, kooky doll, Jek.

Dusty S.

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