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Her first name is Black Lazy Dazy and her last name is Joint. A new member of the Rocket Dog family, Joint sure means to please your very pretty (or extremely pugly) feet. sent me Cute Magic to review last week and unfortunately, those shoes were not the perfect fit for my eXtremely W I D E feet. Really, my feet (aka She-Hulks) perverted Cute Magic's very essence of kawaii. Though my review may have given you a good chuckle, do yourself a favor and check out this review of Cute Magic. Kirsten's review from Barking Dog Shoes delivers Cute Magic the justice it well deserves.

Black Lazy Dazy from

I was happy with the exchange turnaround at Solestruck. I dropped off Cute Magic at FedEx last Friday, 7/11. I received my exchange on Thursday, 7/17. It took exactly 3 business days for the exchange to manifest and that makes me very happy. There was no dilly-dallying whatsoever and as a customer, I appreciate it immensely. As far as online shopping experiences go, Solestruck tops.

Black Lazy Dazy from

The shoes fit great and they looked fantastic. I usually wear between an 8.5 and a 9, but the 8.5's were just perfect. The width of my feet measure up to EE (as in double E, very wide). So if you have narrow feet, I highly suggest that you try on a pair before purchase since the toe box may be too large for you.

Black Lazy Dazy from

Joint by Rocket Dog is available at for $44.95 and is available in 13 adorable colors and patterns, making the concept of an easy choice a very hard one to make.

Black Lazy Dazy from

Visit Daily Mug to check out my new shoes in wild action.

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Thank you, Solestruck. :D

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Those are darling - I've never seen that style in that fabric before. I've wondered about the comfort factor of those for some time now - I'm totally tempted to get them!

chez shoes

Let me tell you a secret: I'm pretty sure last time I measured my width, I was also an EE. Uggh! Feel your pain!!

Have you been able to find any sort of strappy heels that fit? They never, ever fit me....


I have the Joint style, only they're plain rather than patterned. They're a weird color, because they were getting stained from working at the coffee shop I used to work at (and am soon to work at again), so I threw them in a dye load with some other stuff to make them darker and hide the stains. You can see them here.


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