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Book Meme

Tagged by the lovely one from Ugly Green Chair! Here goes:

Total Number of Books I've Owned:
Including tech books and textbooks, perhaps about 500.

The Last Book I Bought:
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Last Book I Read:
OpenGL Super Bible by Wright, Lipchak, & Haemel

Five Books That Mean Something To Me:

  1. Alice's Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
  2. Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
  3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
  4. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  5. Conversations With God (trilogy) by Neale Donald Walsch (I'm not religious, but in all honesty, these books changed my life)

I hereby tag whoever wants to play!

Nest on Fillmore

Nest on Fillmore

Nest is one of my favorite shops in San Francisco. This adorable boutique of rustic adornments have the most beautiful home decor, my heart flutters with joy every time I visit.

Nest on Fillmore

From stationery to pillows and throws, to clothes and jewelry, I guarantee that you will inch your way through the shop, savoring everything in sight.

Nest on Fillmore

Well, I could hardly resist leaving without a little something, so I bought this set of Sticky Notes by William Morris. So cute!

Sticky Notes by William Morris Sticky Notes by William Morris Sticky Notes by William Morris

2300 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 94115
(415) 292-6199

Midori by Dansko

Midori by Dansko

I'll never forget the first time I learned about Dansko. It happened six years ago. I was at Kaiser for my annual physical. When my doctor walked in, I immediately noticed her amazing shoes. Over the years I had experienced so many disappointments with so many different brands that I eventually came to believe that style and comfort were traits that ran orthogonal to each other. I came to believe that if I wanted to wear a pair of foxy kicks, I would have to sacrifice comfort---and vice versa. Five inches in width flat on the ground, my wide flat feet chose for me: it chose Plain Jane comfort. Left with no alternatives, I wore my running shoes everywhere with almost everything.

Midori by Dansko

Having to choose between style and comfort ended the very day I saw my fashion forward doctor wearing her foxy comfy Mary Jane Danskos six years ago. Since that day, I've purchased several pairs of Dansko. Needless to say, Dansko and I were love at first sight. Can you imagine my how happy I felt to find a lovely brown box with Dansko inscribed on the side? It felt like Christmas in late May.

Midori by Dansko

Dansko sent me a red slide from their Golden Gate line, called Midori. Midori is a lovely Mary Jane half backed clog. It features darling details such as welting that runs vertically down the toes, and hand stitching that runs all around the perimeter of the shoe. The Midori comes in several colors: Pomegranate (the lovely pair featured in this post), Black, Brown, Butterscotch, Thyme, and Teal (a great color, too). Very comfortable!

Midori by Dansko

Monomania: Re-ment

Crazy Mad About Re-Ment

1. Group Shot - CUPS, 2. Strawberry Pink, 3. Name the set...?, 4. JAM For Spunky, 5. French Toast, 6. French Tea, 7. My Zazzle, 8. A Priori The, 9. Teapot Onboard, 10. Paris Cafe Tables, 11. JAM, 12. Coming Home..., 13. A Decent Spoon..., 14. Fetish Ispahan, 15. Ice Cream Cones, 16. A Decent Spoon...

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I was poking around Dansko's website and I learned something pretty cool: Fandansko. You can win a pair of Danskos by participating in their online survey. You'll basically get a sneak peak of the new Fall styles. You'll be taken through a series of styles and all you have to do is to share with Dansko which ones you like the best. 20 LUCKY FANS will be chosen from a random drawing and will get to wear their favorite Fall style before anyone else. I chose the lovely red one with black bow and trimming called Danielle.

Fandansko Fandansko Fandansko Fandansko

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