Pugly & Porthole

Shoes: Wear Around Mary Jane in Port Royale by Keen

Location: 4th Avenue, San Francisco

Listening to: Strange Overtones by David Byrne & Brian Eno

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At any point, when you started wearing "ugly" shoes and cute socks, were you self-concious? I love your shoe and sock combos, and so many of the shoes look so much more comfortable than what I wear on a daily basis. It would also be nice to be able to wear cute socks that I see, but never purchase, with confidence. I did think about you and your shoes and your blog twice this weekend though-once when I was at Gap, drooling over multicolored argyle kneesocks, and again when I put on my multicolored striped toe socks and bravely left the house wearing them. That was a really long comment.

˜ Mox Rogershttp://moxrogers.etsy.com

"At any point, when you started wearing 'ugly' shoes and cute socks, were you self-concious?"

Yes, at first, especially when I wore bright patterned knee highs with knee-length skirts. But, that discomfort eventually faded.

I've seen those socks at The Gap. I bought 3 at a bargain three weeks ago. 2 argyle, 1 with red polka dots.

Thanks for your long comment. It was fun to read. :)

˜ puglyfeet

This wavy red colored strip is looking cool.

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