Pugly & Alfresco

Shoes: Ventura Canvas (Black/Nautural) by Keen Footwear

Location: JFK Drive, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

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lol i was thinking about you today, and trying to shoot pictures of my feet as i sat in the car, but i just had on black clogs and it wouldn't show up... another great one today, love the effects you use.. very pretty!!

˜ Elaine-

Thanks, Elaine. Though, I had to revert to the original photo since the stylized one looked too intense on one of my PCs.

˜ puglyfeet

Oh wow! Cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I love those!

I don't know how you can diss on your feet =3 so cute!

(Be honest with me. Did you start this blog just as an excuse to get more shoes? =3)

˜ Princess Almira

I started this blog after visiting a restaurant in SF. Sadly, I've forgotten the name. I remember using the bathroom and admiring the lovely floor tile. That was the inspiration for Puglyfeet -- bathroom floor tiles! However, I admit that acquiring and reviewing shoes is a rewarding side effect of the blog.

As for the Keens in this photo -- comfy and cute and I got them from REI during their Labor Day sale for 19 bucks!

˜ puglyfeet

Yes that's right. Downplay the significance of aquiring shoes. I see through you! =3

Bathroom floor tiles, hah! You crack me up!

˜ Princess Almira

Heee... :D

˜ puglyfeet

Lovely flowers.

˜ WendyB

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