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How Reading Romance Novels Can Help Your Dating Life

Many of us today rely on online dating sites like Match.com to find someone to date. I myself used Match.com to find the current individual I'm dating. But whether you're in a relationship or in the process of finding someone, one thing you can do to spice up your dating and love life is reading romance novels.

Romance novels can help you in many different ways. First, for most women, they are enjoyable to read (after all, they are written mostly for us). But more than that, they can give you a plethora of ideas. For example, if you read a couple romance novels, you will likely come away with plenty of ideas on where to go for a date, other than the somewhat boring default options of meeting for coffee or watching a movie.

romance novelsFor those people who are yet to find a significant other, romance novels can give you plenty of idea on that front as well. Often times, the protagonists in these novels are smooth and attractive, and you should be able to find plenty of lines and methods of approaching members of the other other sex.

And lastly, although romance novels are not always realistic, they do have the potential of teaching you to be realistic with your expectations. The characters in romance novels are far from perfect, but despite that, the protagonists of the book usually end up finding love. It's about making sacrifices and learning to accept people despite their flaws, and the right book may help you gain more insight into how you can be more realistic with your own set of expectations.

One thing you should realize, however, that the random encounters that occur in romance novels typically do not happen so often in real life. That is why for the initial phase of a relationship, it makes sense in this age to use something like Match.com instead. A Match.com free trial is one terrific way you can obtain an account for free and try out some of the site's functions (Go here to obtain the match.com dating site trial.). Unfortunately, the best dating sites like Match cost money, but they are still quite affordable, and you get a lot back for the money you put in.

More About Match.com

In my last article, I talked about how reading romance novels can help you with your actual romance life. I also concluded that joining a dating site such as Match.com could be one brilliant way to find love.

Some people resist dating sites because it doesn't feel organic to them. In some ways, it feels forced, like they are entering a marketplace for love. I believe this is just an old-fashioned way of looking at things. If you really think about it, going online is just another avenue for meeting people. It's no different than attending a wedding, going to a bar, or putting yourself in any other environment where you might meet other eligible singles. You wouldn't think of any of those activities as articifical, and similarly, you need not view dating as inorganic either.


One big advantage of dating site like Match.com is that you can enter this dating environment much more easily. Consider going to a bar, for example. You need to dress up, get prepared, then drive yourself to the location. All this can be a lot of work, especially if you've had a long day. By contrast, if you go online, you need not make any such preparations. This ends up meaning that you can interact much more often with people online. More importantly, in a bar, you may be around, at most 100 other people if you go to a very popular bar. But online, the number of people you have access to will easily be in the thousands.

To join a site like Match.com, you need not pay any money, contrary to popular belief. Using a Match.com free trial, you can sign up for free and actually use all the site's functions for up to three days. This Match.com coupon will allow you to create a profile and browse other members without any restrictions. You will also be able to message other members and interact with them during the free trial period. When the free trial is over, you will be able to keep your account and continue browsing other members. However, you will no longer be able to communicate at this point and you'll have to purchase a membership if you want to regain this privilege.

Are cheap printers worth buying?

Over the years, the cost of printers has come down drastically. These days, you can easily get a decent quality inkjet printer for around $70 – $80. These printers may seem like a great deal, but you should do your research before picking up a cheap printer.

ink and tonerFirst and foremost, the quality of cheap printers can vary quite a bit, so it would be wise to check out a few online reviews before making a decision. Sites such as CNET have many expert reviews on popular printer models. You can also go to Amazon and read customer reviews of various printers.

Once you find a printer you like, the next step is to look into how much ink cartridges cost for that printer. This is important since many inexpensive printers will end up costing you more because the printer ink is so expensive. A reasonable price for inkjet cartridges is something between $15 – $30. If the printer ink for the printer you want costs more than this, I would stay away.

I prefer to buy my printers online, but you can also visit large stores like Walmart and Fry’s Electronics to purchase your printer. Don’t fall into the trap of buying extended warranties, as they are most often not worth the price you pay for them.

If you want to save money on ink, one good way to purchase them is to place bulk orders online. Stores such as Inkfarm offer highly discounted prices on ink, and carry ink for just about every model of printer that’s ever been made. Be sure to take advantage of the latest Inkfarm deals from inkjetprinterdiscounts.com to get the best deals possible.

How to Deal with Gaming Costs

Being a gamer is one of the most exciting things you can be, but the unfortunate cost of gaming is that it can hurt your pocket book quite a bit. If you're addicted to games like I am, and purchase a couple new games each month, gaming can easily become a hobby that costs thousands of dollars each year. And keep in mind, that's just for the video game themselves. Most gamers invest in quite a few other things as well, such as a large TV screen, multiple consoles, etc.


The simplest way to bring down the cost of gaming is to start renting games instead of buying them. Sure, there's an appeal to actually owning a game, but is that appeal worth sixty dollars to you? More importantly, how many of the games you buy end up sitting on your shelf for years after you've only played it them for a couple weeks? To be sure, there are going to be times when you want to buy a game that is extra special to you, but in all other cases, renting is the smarter way to play games.

You can rent from kiosks like Redbox, or exchange games with friends or family members. This is a great option if you know a lot of like-minded gamers. But if that's not the case, the next best thing is to get a Gamefly subscription. By doing that, you will be able to rent as many games as you want monthly, all while paying a single montly membership due. Best of all, when you first join you get a free month of membership when you sign up using the Gamefly free trial offer that's available at the free trial website, FreeTrialSpot.com.

At the current time, Gamefly has over eight thousand games you can rent for multiple gaming platforms. More are begin added on a continuous basis, so you really should not run out of games to rent. They do a really good game of keeping the newest and most popular titles in stock. Where you might run into some difficulty is when you want to play a game that is lesser known but still in good demand.

But nobody said Gamefly is perfect. In light of all the money you can end up saving with a membership, the service is definitely worth getting.

A guide to mixing your own e-liquid

If you are an e-cigarette user, you probably save quite a bit of money compared to what you paid when you smoked regular ‘analog’ cigarettes. You main costs when you use e-cigarettes are batteries, cartridges, and e-liquid. Given that a fairly normal e-cig user may go through 1 or 2ml of liquid or more per day, it may be a good idea to consider mixing your own liquid.


When I first looked into making my own e-liquid, I was a bit hesitant, since it seemed a bit complex to me. However, once you have the right tools, it is really not that difficult. You basically just need two things:

1. Nicotine e-liquid: You can buy this from many different sources. I recommend getting Nicotine that is already premixed with PG or VG in the ratio you want to simplify matters. You shouldn’t have any problem finding Nicotine liquid in various strengths. Sometimes, you will only find e-liquid with a high amount of nicotine such as 36mg. In these cases, you will need to buy PG or VG so you can dilute the strength of the nicotine.

2. Flavoring: There are many different flavors you can use. Some are organic, while others have artificial flavors. My favorite store for buying e-cig flavoring is Ecigexpress  because they offer a great selection.

3. Sweetener: The best choices for sweetener are stevia or ethyl maltol.

After you have all your ingredients, you will need to figure out how much of each ingredient to mix. The best way to do this is by using an online calculator. It’s much easier than trying to figure out the right proportions to mix on your own. Typically, you just enter a few fields and the calculator will tell you exactly how much of each ingredient to add.

Once you mix your e-liquid, it is a good idea to let the liquid sit for a few days. This is called steeping, and it improves the flavor of the e-cigarette. Most likely, you will need to do some experimentation to find the flavor and amount of sweetening that appeals to your palate. The great thing about mixing your own liquid is that it allows you a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you tweak the flavors in your e-liquid.

For new e-cigarette users, I do not recommend mixing your own liquid. Instead, you should simply get a starter pack from a well known e-cig vendor such as Halo Cigs. A great way to save money on this brand is by using E-cigbargain's Halo Cigs Coupons. Once you've used e-cigs for a while, you can then proceed to mixing your own liquids. I really believe it's better to take things one step at a time, especially because there is enough of a learning curve when you first start out using e-cigs.

Options for Gambling in the 21st Century

Years ago, your only option when it came to gambling was to drive to a casino if you were lucky to live near one. In most cases, you'd have to drive for hours to go to a casino. For example, people living in Southern California would take trips to Las Vegas every once in a while to gamble. But if they wanted to gamble without driving too far, options were often limited.

slots player

Times have changed quite a bit. Over the last couple of decades, more and more casinos have been built all over the country. Today, it's fair to say that most people live within minimal driving distance of a casino. People living in the Phoenix area, for example, are within miles of a half dozen casinos. The situation is the same for many other metropolitan areas as well.

But land-based casinos are no longer your only choice when it comes to gambling. Since the late 90s, tons of online casinos have made gambling available to millions of people. It's important to note, however, that online casinos are not legal everywhere. So it's your responsibility to check your local laws and make sure you are not in violation of any of them. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, since many countries like the U.S. have somewhat murky laws about gambling and do not specifically address online gambling.

Something else that makes online gambling difficult is the fact that many financial institutions will refuse to process online gambling payments depending on where you live. An easy way around this roadblock is to use Bitcoin or Dogecoin to fund your casino account. There are many Bitcoin slots, Bitcoin poker, and similar casinos that will allow you to play with Bitcoins. The same goes for dogecoin. You should not do this to skirt the law, however. I recommend doing it only if you find it difficult to deposit money but know you're living in an area where online gambling is allowed.

Saving money on contacts: What works, and what doesn’t

contactlensesLet’s be honest about contact lens prices. They are much higher than the cost of wearing glasses. This in part depends on the type of contacts you wear. If you use daily disposables, you could be paying $400 or more per year just for your lenses. I wear a brand called Air Optix Night and Day myself, and pay about $200 in contact lenses each year. Contact lens solutions, drops, and cases probably cost me another $100 per year. And last but not least, users of contacts need to have eye exams twice as frequently as people who use eyeglasses. This means I need to have 1 exam per year, instead of every other year.

It’s natural for users of contact lenses to look for ways to save money. Here are some things I have learned.

1. Buy your contacts online to save money. My favorite online contact lens store is Lens.com. Why? Because after diligently checking prices at a half dozen other stores, I’ve learned that Lens.com offers the lowest prices on almost all brands.

2. Do use coupons when you buy contact lenses. Not all stores offer online coupons, but Lens.com does. Typical Lens.com coupons will save you 10 – 15% on your order. However, you do need to meet minimum purchase amounts, so you should plan to buy a year’s worth of contact lenses at once. You can get a Lens.com coupon here.

3. Do not buy cheap contact lens solution. I once bought a generic brand from Walmart. That was a mistake, as my eyes became red and irritated. This went away when I switched back to a brand name solution. I’ve been told that the generic solutions are the same as brand name solutions. However, my own experience would seem to indicate that this is definitely NOT the case. So if I were you, I’d definitely stick to the brand name solutions regardless of what you hear other people claim.